In case of Variability

Game investigation using aimless fermentation and criticism of binary positions.


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Online-performance "to REST against the pillar and to HALLUCINATE"


VI Games & VI poetic Narratives of inner mumbling

Meat Сards

"I must be ultimately moving, my time has stopped and the static condition comes along with boredom. In these movements I always stay unmoved: either the social decoration told me to wait or the moved body told me to wait. It doesn't seem to make a big difference. I. Want. Zeal. Want an illusion that all of you are fools. Want a tiny moment of my personal triumph, in which if only for a second everything gets clear. To you and me".

Forest - Human

"This field just thinks it's nobody's. First, we'll decide there are two sides, then we'll invent the way to divide, multiply and cut it in squares: it still has no tongue and it doesn't say anything, we can get frightened of course and decide we worship it or even have it and invent a threat out of fear again because the field is not controlled properly or it pays no attention. The later is the gravest. How could that be". 

Diced Bones

"DaDa, it was accidentally that it happened; what does it matter if the story is slippery and you see nothing, moving along only by touch, no light, no clarity; I see and swallow because I can; my every movement is recorded and I'm a visitor here; thank you for your attention. It makes me myself but not for long; only while you are watching. While you're watching, I'll try to show and stay".

See & Watch

"I clearly see you, sometimes even better than that, audibility leaves much to be desired but that is not the point, who can listen now, such a great burden, unbearable. I mainly hear my own logic with fragments of interrupting each other arguments : diametrically opposed, boring, shallow, funny and weird. Somehow it happened that I can't stop, no instrument available. I'm sitting here, see and sort out, as soon as I try to pronounce something there's anything or anybody but not you. Though they look similar. At least it's logical". 

Chimeric Presence/Rout Ruin

"Moving to and fro, analyzing the route in detail and even knowing logistics, such an amazing privilege, such a graceful turn. Now I can go wherever I want and however I want except some chimeric uncertain institutions where you don't clearly feel like going. I say and choose, point and begin to know. We wrap the site in history together and want to see eye to eye, sing the song together". 

Medical Shielding: tactile decisions with a alarming finger

"I've started thinking that everything around me is very similar to me, I find my image everywhere and in everything and everything is designed specially for me. This is so comfortable and soft, there's no more worries any longer. I move smoothly and nothing tortures me. Who is that stranger opposite you - who cares. I've got Myself This is my main achievement and everything else is not important. I'll sing and dance for myself and watch myself. You might be lucky to be me for a few touches, but all the rest will fail. And I feel lazy even to begin. And you don't begin either, it's dispirits me. And what's more there's no right thing for you and me. There's no instruction; everything is invented again with every new cause and gesture. Even if you think you've got your being - this "being" doesn't belong to all"

Cultural Center  ZIL, Moscow, 2019

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